Hi again!  We are moving on to Stage Two now, Uncertainty.  At this point in the discussion, employers have posted their opening, interviewed and made the hire.  Now what 

In relationships this stage is seen as when we aren’t sure if this person is the “right one”.  In my world of recruiting, this is what is best known as the temporary probation period.  The candidate has charmed us, won us over and passed the 1st stage of interviewing.  (For those of you, who missed my first few posts, feel free to look at past blogs and get caught up to speed on the 1st Stage we explored). 

Even though a hire is made, employers and employees aren’t sure they are ready to fully commit to each other yet.  Commitment, what a big scary word.   This is why Recruiting firms play a key role in creating a safe environment for all with temporary-to-permanent hiring.  The new hire is still wondering if they made the best decision, so is keeping their options open.  The employer is questioning the same and may be open to reviewing other resumes as they come across their desk.

Why is committing so hard?  Wasn’t the interview (date if you will), supposed to make our decision clear?  The answer is No.  In every aspect of like, human nature drives us to want more and think we are missing something.  The endless search for something better, right?  But, is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

The best way for both parties to advance to the third stage (Exclusivity), is to really take advantage of the probationary period.  Get to know personalities, work styles and ethics, role responsibilities, etc.  Does the company culture align?  Can you see the position/person working out long term?

Employers specifically: Are they rolling out of bed or dressing to impress?  Did the person know how to interview, but now you have a stranger in front of you?  Does your new employee follow direction and have good follow through?  Most of all, do they have accountability, integrity and problem solving skills (traits I feel are sadly becoming harder to find)?

Employees specifically: Was the position what was described to you?  Do you get the support from your Manager and team that you require?  Do you have the tools you need to do the job?  Does the position align well with your personal needs?

The wants and needs of both sides of the fence have greatly shifted.  Employers are still looking for the employee who will work all hours and give 115%.  News flash!  The times, they are-a-changing.  Employees will give you everything if they feel valued, have work/life balance with flexibility in schedule and remote work options.    A lot of this comes out in the Uncertainty phase.  We all paint a pretty picture in the interview, but now the shoes are off and we’re getting to know each other.  Let’s be real now and be clear on what everyone’s expectations are.  No more games.

Rather than letting doubt get in the way, have open communication between employee and employer.  Without this, all relationships (business or professional) are doomed to fail.  Go above and beyond in showing your value and worth.  You both may learn a thing or to, and that’s when the working relationship bond begins to strengthen…

Kristi Telschow, CEO – Jersey Staffing