Our Team

Kristi Telschow
CEO and Founder

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Louis D’Angeli

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Larisa Levy
Vice President of Operations and Client Relations

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Anne Haley
HR & Accounting Manager

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Lauren Pantelleria

Lauren Pantelleria
HR Administrator

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Lisa Molinaro
Director of Recruiting

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Natasha Torres

Natasha Torres
Executive Recruiter – Professional Division

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Kelly Edwards
Executive Recruiter – Professional Division

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Allison Kent
RPO Account Manager

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Domonic Wiedenhoeft
Talent Acquisition Manager – RPO

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Sneha Trivedi, Executive Recruiter

Sneha (Sia) Trivedi
Talent Acquisition Manager – RPO Division

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Kendra Dilaver
Executive Recruiter – Strategic Division

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Kim Crotty
HR Consultant

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Samantha Schwartz

Samantha Schwartz
Junior Recruiter 

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Paulina Grasso 
Senior Executive Recruiter, Professional Division

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Amy Delucca
Administrative Assistant

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Our “We Wills…”

These are the promises we make to ourselves and our clients to ensure that our service remains at a level of unmatched quality and every partnership ends in success, and most importantly, a happy client.

  • We will foster relationships. Not transactions.

  • We will never sacrifice our integrity.

  • We will uphold open and constant communication.

  • We will show our diligence and dedication in every move we make.

  • We will approach problem-solving from all perspectives.

  • We will serve our community with a passion we live by both in and out of the office.

  • We will strengthen the skills and confidence of every candidate.

  • We will deepen the knowledge and readiness of every client.

  • We will exhaust every resource to bridge the needs of employers and employees.

  • We will always go beyond the resume to create a perfect match.

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