Blogging….a scary “to do” for me, but yet there is so much value in doing it. I have seen so many things in the Recruiting industry since I became a part of it – oh the stories I can tell you! What better way to share these stories and useful tidbits making the perfect professional match, then Blogging. That word again. I am going to conquer my fear and tackle this blogging thing. I encourage any and all to support me in this endeavor. I have a feeling we will all learn something along the way!

So to start this out, I have decided to talk about something that has long been an idea I have toyed with…

The entire interview process, on both sides of the fence, is essentially just like dating in the real world. So, over the next few weeks, get stoked. I am going to share how I think the “5 Stages of Dating” relate to the Recruiting/Hiring world.

Stage 1: Attraction

Stage 2: Uncertainty

Stage 3: Exclusivity

Stage 4: Intimacy

Stage 5: Engagement

Kristi Telschow, CEO – Jersey Staffing